Is This a Bringer show?

Bringer shows don't care about the comics or the audience. You're booked on a Laughing Gas show because you're funny. It's great if your friends and/or family come out to the show to see you, but you should be confident that they'll see a great show with hilarious comics and that's the best way to market the show. There's a 0% chance of them enjoying themselves at a bringer.


Filling a comedy club on a weeknight is almost impossible. If the club, promoter, and comics all work together, though, we can fill the room. You'll crush. You'll get great tape. You'll be a part of the Laughing Gas Family and we'll rise together. We've usually had good shows, with between 40-90 people in attendance. One show drew less than 30, though. The main difference was the enthusiasm and commitment to promotion of everyone on the show. 


The Role of The Club

The club decides how much to market the show. In the past, that included:

  • E-mail blasts

  • Front page of the website

  • printed materials in the club and bar area.

  • Goldstar (discount ticket site)

  • Discount promo codes

A hand full of tickets usually sell through club promotion. 


The Role of the Headliner

Laughing Gas asks the headliner for any promotional support that they're willing to give. That usually involves social media promotion. Sometimes, the headliner will promote on their podcast. The headliner usually brings down a feature and Laughing Gas treats this the same as the headliner. Headliners who promote the show usually sell a few tickets.


The Role of Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas works hard to promote the show. 

  • The show will go out on the e-mail list, a text blast, and the Laughing Gas website.

  • A Facebook event will be set up. Nate invited all of his friends to the Facebook event.

  • The show will be posted on the OC Weekly events calendar.

  • Nate will list the show on Seatjunky (a website that gives comps out to members).

  • Nate will bug his friends in person.

  • Nate will distribute discount passes after Rec Room shows.

  • Instagram posting.

  • Nate will set up a group chat on Facebook to keep everyone updated on promoting and ticket sales. You'll get a weekly update. During the week of the show, you'll get a daily update. 


  • EVERYONE GETS PAID! Laughing Gas often loses money on these shows. If you do a great job promoting and Laughing Gas makes money, you'll get a little extra money. 

Laughing Gas is usually responsible for about 10-15 ticket sales. 


Your Role

You'll have 5-10 minutes of stage time. 

  • Invite all of your friends onto the Facebook event within a week of being added to the show.

  • Promote your discount code and ask your friends and families to come to the show.

  • Pass out discount passes after Rec Room shows and in the community. Track your activity on the sheet that you'll receive.

  • Use social media.

  • Ask your friends and family when you talk to them.

  • Laughing Gas is always open to new promotion ideas, but this plan is not optional. 

  • Do your best and have a positive attitude. Promoting shows is hard work, but if we work together, we can put on a great show!